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A week alone you say?

Kevin and Vivian are away for the next week and a half, leaving me and Rosalyn to our own devices. Which should be amusing, considering this child will not make a serious choice regarding her sleeping and eating habits. One day she's sleeping from 7-5am, the next, she's up twice between midnight and 6 am, eating at LEAST 6 oz each time. My only thought it that I'm not feeding her enough during the day, which is hard to rectify when she takes 3 oz, gives me t hat "I just shit" grin and starts wanting to go to sleep......
I'm beginning to think that the first child is easier in some ways like....
  • No expectations-despite knowing from Vivian's journal that she didn't start to sleep through the night until she was 6 months, I want Rosalyn to do it, well, right now. I KNOW that the end does arrive, and so I want it to come....right about... NOW!
  • No surprises-i know what to expect developmentally. I also don't freak out at weird rashes and things.
  • No clue about how cool they are when older. I HATE babies. I wish they'd come out running like horses. I don't like being needed the way an infant needs you. I prefer independance...(but I'm sure I'll miss them when they don't need me)

And right this minute, Vivian is whining, and thumping the floor screaming, which has just roused Rosalyn from the nap I finally convinced her to have an hour again.....

How can I go from loving this child, to wanting to try for a new shotput record with her so quickly?

And I swear, this little "music book" her father bought her....he's gonna eat it...

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