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Fricken cold, Mommy-Vivian time, and other weekend adventures.

After an incredible pedicure and haircut (the nail polish which I managed to screw up on the way home, but anyway) I was set for a great weekend.


I didn't factor in totally exhausted. Seems to be a normal state.

Vivian on the other hand has been, to put it mildly, full of piss and vinegar. Wall bouncing craziness. It's the weather. In one day it went from about 55F to about 5F. It was NUTS. So it being FRICKING FREEZING, we weren't able to do much.

So after I wasted my morning blowing a third of my paycheck on food, I sat down and said,

"You want to go to the mall Vivian? Just you and Mommy?"

I'm sure they heard the pure squeals of delight in Mongolia. The child became very quiet, calm and patient. There were no arguments, heck, even the gale winds outside didn't really bother her as we waited for the bus.

We spent the best 2 hours I've had lately at the mall. Why? Because it was just us. There was no "shopping agenda", no reason to hurry, just that sublime laziness that comes from freezing days, and the knowledge that right then, there is nothing better to do then watch my daughter charm the pants off Francine at Yves Rocher. Watching Vivian have an actual conversation with someone. Watching her call freckles "sparkles" and standing back to watch the women turn into mushy puddles of goo.

I've noticed that with two daughters, it's hard because they both want you desperately. So I find myself needing to make the extreme effort of blocking out time for each, which, in winter, can be hard. Rosalyn was meant to go with me in the morning, but it was just too cold. So next weekend shall be hers.

But I do know that it is so nice to have those solitary moments together, where it's JUST Mommy and Vivian, or Mommy and Rosalyn, where you get to appreciate those little things that make each kid themselves. Especially since lately, all they do it wack eachother with crap.

So it's tacky and lame, but the mall sometimes has it's uses. What does everyone else do for "special" time?


Hehehehe....I know, I suck!

Sounds like you've got a nice arrangement worked out with your daughters. Especially if the mere mention of "mall" gets them quiet. Good job, Dor! ;)

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