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So....who wants to bet that I get nothing today? Other than excuses.

I'm so fucking depressed. I want my mommy.

You and me both sweetie xx

add me to the list. he even got Jujubes.. I got a smokes breath peck. Bleech...
We should form an adopt a forgotten other club and send ourselves nice things (on their credit cards!)
Happy V day anyway!

Smile and happy Valentine day.

I would offer a hug but, somehow, I'm thinking that just won't resonate. At least not today.

I'm in NYC and Eric's in DC. That kinda sucks too. :-\

Wow. I actually ended up getting some roses. Of course, I was also treated to a speech about how much they cost, and how that's why he never does this very often. My bit about liking almost every other flower, with the exception of carnations, was NOT heard.

Sucks that you guys had crappy days.

We should form a "we love eachother" club and send candy and chocolate and coffee to eachother. That would work. I particularily like vanilla Charleston Chews, Jersey Milk and Fruit Sours.

That sucks Nicole. Even if he was an asscrep, still nice to have him around.

You guys watch the office? I wrote a simple post post-valentine's day about how I feel like I married Roy, when I should have held out for Jim.

So, yeah, mine was awesome, too.

But I am glad you got flowers!

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