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Valentine's Day

Fun day of showing love, or commerialized Asscrap made up holiday?

I waver between the two, mostly because it gives me a reason to have flowers delivered to work, and then wander through the office with them, cooing about my lovely husband, while everyone other woman plans THEIR significant other's demise.

Yes, I am evil.

It's not even that I want stuff. I want to be shown that I'm loved. If the Dorf wrote me a song, a love letter, something, then I wouldn't want STUFF. But he doesn't. And I'm a BIG fan of effort.

An illustration in how UNromantic he is.

We're in the mall with the kids. We walk past the jewelry booth I love. There is this sparkly, pretty choker I want.

"Pretty...sparkly...it likes me...I like it....I wants to come home with me...."

"Valentine's Day isn't a jewelry day."

Excuse me?

The sidelong look didn't work as well as a punch in the arm. The Dorf then when off on some speil about how we can't spend tons of money on every holiday.

Yeah, cause we do THAT. And it's not like we get eachother a ton of stuff anyway. And again, all I want is a little EFFORT (is that clear yet?)

I decided that this year, I'll do something cute and romantic. A list of why I love him, buried in a jar of his favorite candies. It is hard to get a guy something. But I'll be making an EFFORT. I usually write poetry or something, or like a few years ago, got him a GIANT jar of kisses, labelled "A Kiss for Every Day of the Year"

I think he made it to August before conceeding defeat.

So I'd like a little perspective, since I might be crazy. Should we bother? Is it wrong to have a day FORCING a guy to show SOME love? While the Dorf is generally a good guy, giving back rubs when asked, and fetching me another glass of my cokecrack, when I ACTUALLY want some girlygirly loveydovey, I get nothing.

Am I expecting too much?

How long have you been together? My spirit took 13 years to be completely crushed. I have completely given up. I get him things we would get anyway.... Favourite kettle chips, dip and soda, Hot chocolate and cookies....
I get nothing But I DO get to eat the chips or cookies!!LOL!

8 years this Aprul.

I try to keep hope alive. He's the one that eats my presents actually. He gained some brownie points the one day getting me chocolates. He lost them by asking me if he could have them.

It's sad that you guys feel so unloved/underappreciated. Maybe it'll happen to me, but so far things have been good. I couldn't ask for more little ways to be shown I'm loved.

It's a double-edged sword, that one. If they don't do anything for you then you'll spend the entire day growling under your breath (or at least I would). But if you have to TELL them to show some love then it's still not the same.

What to do? What to do?

By the way, I am REALLY mad at you for mind-taking this blog topic. I was so gonna post this sometime next week.

Well, I think it speaks volumes that the last time DH got me anything for Valentines Day was sway back in 1991. That was the first Valentines day we were together and it was the first, last and only time I got anything.

Carin-It is TOTALLY unfair that you got the ONE person who is not useless at this. The rest of us have to deal with begging, cajoling, whining, etc, etc. Like Nicole said, it's a double edged sword. I want the EFFORT. I am SOOO all about the effort.

And 91, that's sad. But I'm sure "S" will more than make up for that this year! :P

My hubby always remembers christmas and my birthday. Valentines I don't get anything. I guess I'm like those who are born around christmas. Birthday is two days before valentine day!

I never forgot, and didn't need reminding. I worked for a jewellery mfg for a time, and got the most extravagant gems dirt cheap. Even a custom made ring once. Our last valentine's day was spent at a Valentine's Blues Fest with Colin James and Shirley King. Nine months later....

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