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If a party recieves 2% of the vote, they are then entitled to $1.75 a vote for funding. If you don't vote, that money just goes to whomever wins, which looks like the Tories at this point. Nice huh?

So get OFF your butt and get to your polling station!

Girls, remember that our ancestors FOUGHT for this right. Why sit there and not use your voice?

I'm a votin' If only to cancel my DH's vote! That's the way it is in this house! LOL!

i think i'm a voting.

I'm so glad you guys are using your blogs to promote such worthwhile topics.

Meanwhile, I'm encouraging people to go get laid in foreign countries. Real commendable.

I've been back from our polling station for about an hour. I can say that the turnout at my poll was not great.
It's also interesting that as I pull the votes out of the box, the votes cast in the morning are radically different from those cast later in the day.
The person who won my poll, did not win the riding. Tough luck.
Being a DPO for the election means a fourteen hour workday, all for a flat rate.

In Australia it is compulsory to vote at every election, local, province (state) and federal. Heaps of reasons why this is good and bad. Lots of talk about being against some kind of human right to force people, the great thing is it forces people to actually think about who they are going to write down, and we have a great BBQ at each polling station.

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