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All feminism got me is a sore back.

So I'm shovelling the driveway out the other day and it occurs to me.

Isn't this a MAN'S job?

I'm sitting there, digging out the driveway, about to move to the walkway, and I look in the window. My husband is reclined on the Lazyboy, watching TV. I'm sweating like a pig, and managed to fall down RIGHT when someone drove by. They were kind enough to honk. I think about my life. I make more money. I birthed the children. I am mostly responsible for their education and "fun". I make sure they are clothed, and loosely set a menu for them. I do the laundry, and most of the cleaning. I do the shopping.

The Dorf does the odd load of dishes, works part time and watches the kid during the week.

Shortly after falling flat on my ass I started thinking....


I'm supposed to be part of this modern generation of women who can "HAVE IT ALL" All I have is a chronic lack of sleep, no real hobbies and a disconnect from some of the things that made me "me". (Don't get me wrong-I do dig my life) I was supposed to have this wonderfully egalitarian relationship, with everything 50/50. I thought we'd have wonderful, enriching adventures together. We'd pick out paint colors for the kitchen, take long walks with our kids.

Pick yourself off the floor girls. And stop laughing so hard. I mean it.

Think of all the WORK we do day in and day out. I never stop from 6am to 10pm. On top of my job, I have all my home duties. Somewhere in there, a trip to Zellers by myself is sweet alone time. Where did we go wrong? Am I wrong to want to merely be a housewife? To want someone to pay the bills and let me take care of the house and kids? Am I betraying my previous feminists by not wanting all of this?

I enjoy my freedoms I REALLY do, but do we actually have anymore if along with a job we STILL have all the housewife duties? How many of you actually get to come home and sit on your duff like most of our husbands?

And what exactly am I showing my kids?

I hear yah! In my next life I am going to have long high maintence hair, pretty nails, wear high heels and squeal when anything remotely icky comes near.All men should be pro feminism it's only ever been to their advantage from what I can see.

I just want to know if he lifted his head off the recliner to ask if you needed help.

That's all.

Because what burns me up isn't the fact that I'm performing manual labor, it's the fact that a dude hasn't asked if he could assist...or better yet, demanded to do it himself!

Am I spoiled?

hell yeah Liesl....."squeal when anything remotely icky comes near". I tried that. The Dorf squeals louder.

Nicole: Lift head up? HAHAHAHA! I was not so nicely informed that if I wanted the entire driveway done, I could do it my damn self. And since I'm the sucker bringing the groceries home, I want it done. The Dorf does his best to only notice manual tasks when you are nearly done.

I hate wearing the pants.

How many of you actually get to come home and sit on your duff like most of our husbands?

Not many, I reckon.

It sucks.


First of all, I've been stopping by here the last couple of days but the blog has shown up missing, if you see what I mean. So, I would've said this sooner, but here it is now: Happy New Year!

Ok, I've just been having this very chat with my wife. I'm not sure our situation is, um, quite so bad, but then, maybe if Sarah read this she'd say that it was exactly this bad. I've not made resolutions as such, but one thing that has started (indeed started about a month ago - believe it or not it was actually me who instigated the converstaion) is me making absolutely sure that I don't leave Sarah carrying the buck.

Luckily it doesn't snow much around here. ;)

Bastards. And that means YOU Owl. Although I'm glad to hear you feel like helping out more. Now, make sure you DO IT. In my books, if you stand up to pee, YOU should clean the toilet. That's all I ask really-that someone ELSE cleans that nasty ass piece of equipment..

and yeah, something was wrong for a few days. My bad. And I've been super busy at work, so I haven't had time to fix it.Thanks for trying!

I am a bastard. Tell me again.... :P

I'm a bastard. I got told that in no uncertain terms.

However, her serene highness did the stay at home thing for eighteen years after our baby was born.

I stand up to pee, and never cleaned a toilet in my life. Until now. But, I can take aim and hit the target.

Too many Moosehead's tonight.

Amen sister. My life is easier without the Nemisis full stop. He does nothing but make a mess and cause stress and then walk out stress free and not having lifted a finger. I'm getting to the point where I HATE him. Actually, I think I'm beyond that point.


sorry Owl, I usually play the OTHER side of that equation...;-)

I firmly believe that crap like this can be SOLELY responsible for divorces. Just because I don't have a penis, I don't get tired? HA!

ANd I feel your pain April. Anymore, I'm not sure what the point is, and when I feel rage instead of love when I see him....

that said, the Dorf DID go shovel the driveway this time. Didn't do the walk though. So he only gets half points.

Ah'll be yo' bitch!

i think you pretty much summed it all up with 'this sucks balls'.

sucking balls really sucks.

and i feel your pain.

living in atlanta, not so much shoveling to do.

i may have to get used to the idea however, if we move to SLC.

fucking a.

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