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I wanted to post

This week, in what seems to be a popular activity across the country lately, 2 little kids were left orphaned by their parents murder-suicide.

Meaghan is almost 3. Vincent is 3 months old. Vincent will never know his parents. Meaghan will know they aren't there for Christmas.

Their parents were "Estranged", whatever that means. Regardless, there was a fight, and argument, pain gone wrong maybe, desperation, and one last fatal mistake. I cannot and will not believe that two parents would willingly engage in something that will end so badly. Vincent is still in the hospital, and I sincerely do not want to know what he witnessed, or if on some level he will always remember that, be damaged by that.

And it makes me incredibly sad to know that these kids, who could be my kids, now will live not knowing their parents, never knowing WHY, never knowing what was that bad. It was terrible losing my mother at 11, but to lose both parents when you aren't even 3? A week before Christmas, when everywhere you look is full of images of happy families and togetherness.

There is a trust fund, and as soon as I can get the information, I will post it with the encouragement that instead of those last few presents, please donate a little something to these kids. Because believe me, stuff is meaningless without your parents around.

I see my oldest daughter in all this, and it makes me quietly, and completely sad. The thought of her little face screaming, searching for me. It's almost more than I can bear.

Here is your official Christmas card from MEGABRAD! Yes! Aren’t you a lucky bastard. Only the cool people get these. I know Santa personally, and he agreed to make a special appearance for you on my behalf. Click the link. You need Flash Player to watch and hear it (Yes, it has sound!)
Merry Christmas to you. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday ;)


Merry Christmas Thor. Hope you're having a great Christmas.

Merry Christmas! :)

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