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Questions Answered

So I only feel half dead (a temporary respite I'm sure) so I'll take the time now to write....

Liesl, the tired Mommy at
Diary of a Tired Mom started things off with "What are the best and worst things about your job? "

Bar none the WORST thing is the other people. Now don't get me wrong-I do like a few of them, but as a group, I have never worked with a bigger group of immature, whiny, self absorbed people in my entire life. Today a sign had to be put up gently reminding people to NOT eat stinky food (i.e. FISH) in the office environment. Other popular causes for drama:
  1. The temperature: Otherwise known as "I dressed like it's July in November, can't be bothered to wear a sweater, and now will make everyone else annoyed and uncomfortable by forcing people to turn the heat up.
  2. Perfume. TECHNICALLY we are scent reduced. (whatever the HELL that means) Yet still, people come to work bathed in stink, claiming it's only hand soap, shampoo and/or pit stick. Personally, I don't understand HOW any of those items would stay so smelly on the commute, but that's me. Having a 30 minute sneeze fest punctuated only by "what the FUCK is that stench" is not my idea of fun at work.
  3. Food theft. I REALLY don't get this one. It's the work fridge. I've SEEN what these people eat-WHY would you want it?

I was glad to get out of school to get away from this shit. Only to discover it never goes away-it just gets older, dumber and fatter.

What do I LIKE about my job? Currently, the flexibility. I'm lucky to have a laptop, a work cell and a boss who is a single mom with kids. She GETS it. So long as my work gets done, no questions are asked. And I like helping customers since I hate bad service, so administrating the customer survey is kinda cool. Somedays....

Carin, of the infamous "OTHER VOMIT COMET", thought she'd be funny and ask "Do you have your airmiles card? "

Now, BEFORE I kill her, you may be asking what in the HELL she's talking about. If you aren't in Canada, you won't know. We have this AirMiles card up her, ostensibly to collect points towards flights. HA! I'd need to spend something like 30,000$ to get enough to fly to Montreal from here. The most I've got is a magazine subscription.

We have the worlds most annoying commercial, featuring a woman, pondering all the CRAP she's gotten with her Air Miles card as she searches for it.

If this woman is ever in my line, I will start throwing frozen fiddleheads at her I swear.....and YES I have the damn thing.....

The Dorf is at home right now Carin...I'll send him for you.... (just kidding)

One of my most favorite Bloggers, The Martian Anthropologist, stopped himself before being rude (unlike SOME people....you know who you are) and asked.."What's the best part about living in Canada?"

So I thought about this over the weekend, as it is a good question. Top of my head, is our "free" health care. My mother died of breast cancer, so to imagine not only dying but being worried about bankrupting your family...that freaks me out....I'll take the taxes so long as I know our health will be looked after. There are some kinks in the system, but I'm quite sure that they'll be ironed out after the boomers die anyway.

I love the fact that people from all over the world live in Canada, and that for the most part, NO ONE CARES. No one yells and screams about sending them back, about how they're eating OUR tax dollars, etc, etc. For the most part, people are accepting of those from other countries. We're a country BASED on immigrants, and I myself wouldn't be here if someone 4 generations back hadn't of jumped on a ship and came over. I grew up with friends of all colors, and I never even realized it. Not many places are like that.

I'm proud that for the most part, we are PEACEKEEPERS. I LOVE that, and would one day love to join their ranks. We fix stuff. We're like Switzerland without the chocolate and with more trucks. I like that people trust and count on Canadians for survival, and for help, without worrying what it will cost them.

I had never thought that I might be a patriot, as that conjured up images of breast beating Americans with flags and WWJD? bracelets. But being a patriot can be quiet, and simple. I know I would stand up for Canada if I needed to, and that matters most. That my country makes me care on the simplest level possible.

My favorite Daddy, Dread Pirate Robert, asked, "Were you born on the Miramichi? I was and I have the t-shirt to prove it. "

Thank whatever gods you like NO NO NO! I was born, and bred in the REAL world, Ontario. We moved here 4 years ago when my job came here. Seemed like a good time to leave Toronto. Funny, if we had of stayed, we'd have no children. At the time, 2 roads showed themselves. I picked this one.

And I do not LIKE Miramichi. It's dirty, and I REALLY did NOT dig how you're driving along and WHAM! there's a HUGE ass bridge. I do not like bridges.

What part are you from Robert?

Without You, from "

East of Adelaide" asked, I'm playing Santa at a kids party tomorrow. Any tips? Should I watch Bad Santa before I go? "

Now, I realize you already played Santa, but you should have watched Badder Santa. I HATE Thorton, but that movie was FUNNY! Any movie that has someone talking about a Santa fetish is ok by me!

And Santa's are cool. I'm glad you were able to get out and have some fun. Kids always make people happy.

The Peppylady asked "What do the majorty of Canadain think of our president Bush or even you? "

I think for the most part, we just don't understand how in the HELL someone like that gets RE-elected. It's like this friend I had in high school-I told her that fucking Jake once could be considered an accident, but the 2nd time was a problem we needed to have a little chat about. We just cannot fathom how or WHY you would reelect someone who has done nothing but try and destroy your country. I cannot see anything good coming from his reign.....oops, I mean term...Even when the public tells him to stop, he doesn't listen.

Personally, I think he's a blithering moron who is a figurehead for powerful lobbies. I highly doubt he would be anywhere had his parents not "helped" I have nothing but distain for this. Jeb drives me equally nuts, but at least it looks like he tries to govern fairly (the Schiavo case notwithstanding) and doesn't wade any further out of his depth (that's a perception however, BEFORE I get yelled at) I've pondered moving to Nashville, but so long as your country resembles a police state, and is "led" be someone who couldn't lead rats off a sinking ship, I'll stay right here.

EV, from Emotional Vomit, decided to be a smart ass and ask, "Why does my dog keep eating horse shit? Please, explain this to me - I really want to know."

Sadly, I actually know the answer-It's called Coprophagia, and it rather normal as disgusting as that is (actually, considering the amount of women who get Pica, I guess it's not that bad at all)

Basically, your dog is nuts. Or, likes the taste of crap. Either get him a pet shrink, or throw something the dog hates in the shit. Ironic as that is. Here's a link even..

And last but not least, Nicotine Jones asked, "why did you choose Martian Manhunter for your photo?"

The short answer is that I think he fucking rocks.

The long answer is that I have long thought of myself as a person who can intergrate into any place, and "become" what other people want me to be. I can disguise myself, and blend in quite nicely. I've also always felt like there was just me left, this constant sense of "alone" that has never ever gone away. Like I lost something so long ago I can't even remember it, save that it's not there....

That was fun. Feel free to ask more. I had to actually think about some of them.....and some, I had to try and remember certain radio station addresses so I can mail something smelly......

mail something smelly? to who? If it's the radio station I'm thinking of, poor Steve is going to get the smelly thing. That's not fair, Steve didn't make me ask if you had your air-miles card...he does say feel free to send him albums though. Or maybe I'm completely loopy and confused.

Obviously my work and family are taking over my life because I feel I haven't dropped by here in ages. It looks like I missed out on something good.

Anway... yay, it's the weekend.


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