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Stupid humps

So apparently one of the most searched terms ont he internet revolves around "lovely lady humps", or at least that's what site meter shows...

as well, whomever searched for "preschoolers dry humping" needs to be beaten with a stick.

Although "what do I look at to get rid of an erection?" PRICELESS.

Tomorrow: Beards, and why I love them. With a side of "why moustaches SUCK ASS"

At least people aren't looking for wrestlers' genetalia. That's apparently the most popular way people stumble onto our site. Not even vomit. No no no. Wrestlers' dicks.

I'll have to take a look and report back.

As for facial hair of any sort - negative. I look forward to your facial hair review.

Wow, these pics are creative. Gross, but creative.

Wait, how does one WASH something like that? Do you condition it? Maybe take it to the stylist every so often?

crazy lady lumps........


I don't think I want to know how you style that...I get confused wondering how they sleep...

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