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Stupid boobs

They just keep getting bigger. Now normally, most people wouldn't be upset, but you know, getting a little sick of buying bras all the time. I don't know why they keep growing.

And I have this problem where the bra fits in the dressing room, withstands the jiggle jump test, everything. Then I take it home and I swear, everything falls down. 60$ down the drain. And I like pretty bras, not the beige army lady ones, and the bigger things get, the ugly and/or more expensive they get.

I've always wanted nice little 34B breasts. I'd LOVE that. But no, from day one, they've been huge. Think, 38C huge in Grade 8. And it's only gotten worse.

The Dorf of course doesn't mind. But I'd love to sleep on my stomach, run upstairs, never have an underwire snap on me, and spend the day pulling metal out of my boob. And the bigger they get, the droopier they get.

I always wanted small boobs so I could have perky boobs. (Think Samantha Mathis is Pump up the Volume) The ones that stand up and say "Hey!"

ah welll.....anyone want to pay for a reduction?

I have DD's myself, suck don't they? Whoever told us the lie that this is sexy, is very mistaken...it must only be sexy on women with the fake 'uns.

Hey Thorradorra,

I got a little medical problem of my own.Hey, I wonder if you will do me a favor? I think I have a hemmorhoid or something on my ass. I took a picture of it for you. Will you take a look and tell me what you think? My ass is killing me!


I always wanted small boobs too....

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Hey Girl You are wrong!

Big boobs in man's brain is sexy, meaning they are sending signals in man brain to mate!
First alpha male smells feromones meaning she is ovulating, than size of the boobs, meaning she will be
have enough milk for offspring, then size of hips menaning wide hiips easy baby delivery, and than
at the end male will cuddle with female to find out if she is having her periods regulary, wich brigs us back to
the first step of ovulation and pheromone productions...

moral is : if i came close to you and i get errection you are shooting feromones, ovulating and you want me to
make a baby with you!

too big boobs may be hassle for you but for me they are disneyland!

I love that rowan said "big boobs suck." Buwaaahaha!

I just can't decide if your boobs are too big or not. I suggest you put some pictures of your boobs up, and then I'll let you know if I think they're too big or not.


It would be boring if everyone is the same, you are beautiful in your own way!

Rowan: Yes. "SUCK" is the operative word. Unless you have a tiny waist, it's pointless. I love telling people how big they are. They don't believe me since they "blend in" with the rest.

Brad: You need help. But that was funny.

Anon: Gee, rushing RIGHT OVER.

Anon 8:52am....um.....I've had enough babies, and my child bearing hips get me in trouble. Until men start worshiping us big chicks openly and I stop having to see Mila Kunis half nekid and gross on the cover of some pseudo porn......then I don't buy it...

Owl: read on

Victor: Aw.Thanks!

Female: Thank JEBUS I'm not the only one!

I had a friend who had FF. I didn't know they made bras that size.

my lord April I did NOT need to know that.......

I'm up to needing 40DD at LEAST.....do you know how EXPENSIVE those area?


I can't remember the last time I had a C cup. I'm an E now. And I'm pregnant and fearing that they'll get bigger (since it's already impossible to find decent inexpensive bras)

I am hoping to get breast reduction surgery (if I can bring myself to do it)

thanks for the info

piracy affects porn but it's still winner during the crunch

kelly divine

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