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Work from home, and other spam worthy topics

Ah yes, the joys of working at home. Yesterday was such a day, due to 3 hours sleep after a LOOOONNNGGG stupid fight with the Dorf. The best thing about working from home? Sitting there working in pajamas, eating ice cream and listening to
these guys really loud.

And surprisingly, I really did get some work done, which was cool. It's a a lovely day, with the sun in the front room and all, Rosalyn trying to chew on dining room chairs....yeah.....of course, I'm still sick and tired and yuck, but what the hell. I'm not dead, and it hasn't snowed. Yet.

And I forgot to mention my latest appointment with the counsellor yielded the insight that I need to be tested as bipolar. Which was EXACTLY what I told the woman in the first 5 minutes of the first visit. Honestly, I'm not that annoyed since I would like to get a proper diagnosis for the first time in my life, and the ADD can look like bipolar, and the reverse. I don't know....I'm just sick of the mess that is my brain. I'm also getting a little tired of the Dorf telling me I'm waking him up screaming at night. You know, I'm little worried that some deep dark trauma hound will come crawling out of my head some day. More than a little worried about that one...oh, and the shadows I see from time to time that aren't really there-little worried about that as well......

On another note, I have now given the people who annoy me on the bus their own names. There are:
  • "The Fuzzy Headed Cow", who cannot be bothered to walk the 50 feet to an actual bus stop, making the bus even later, who then proceeds to walk PAST the actual bus stop.
  • "Scooter" who, despite having a seat right next to FHC who she talks to, jumps up and RUNS to the single, meant for disabled/pregnant people seat at the front. She then proceeds to YELL her conversation with the FHC across half the bus. Charming.
  • "Beige" She wears colors, but she's the definition of a mousy person. Her hair is brown. She's never smiling. She always looks just a little wound, and just a little boring. Always carrying something in a plastic shopping bag, her hair cut just so under her chin.
  • "Amazo, the 400ilb wad of never shut up" The man NEVER SHUTS UP the entire bus ride. I think he's making up for the fact that because his fat rolls down over his knees no one would talk to him. His laugh is bad. He makes the same bad jokes all the time. At first I thought I was replused because of the fat, and make an extra hard attempt to like him, or tolerate him. That was the day that he stood and talked to the driver for 5 minutes on the way home after bouncing off the bus. You know what? I WANT TO GO HOME! All I ever think about when I see him is "How does he go to the bathroom?" It's not pleasant.

I love public transit, but the people who ride it.....it's like those people who sing and pick their nose in their car...they annoy me. But then, what DOESN'T annoy me?

Ah, the bus....I feel a short story brewing from the bus....

I have a headache, and now much do some work.

Well I've decided I hate all the stupid drivers out there.

Oh I'd like to hear a story from the bus!

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