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For Shame, for Shit

2 years after being told by a Clean Water study that gee, there's eColi in the water, and having a boil water advisory in effect for 2 YEARS, finally something is being done for the people of Kashechewan. Imagine 2 years of KNOWING your child might be drinking something that will kill them. Being helpless to prevent the scabies, the rashes from the chlorine in the water....

If this happened in say, Toronto, or Ottawa, or Montreal, it wouldn't last for 2 years. If this happened in the U.S. to a predominately black community, people worldwide would be yelling for heads to roll.

But they're Native. They're all drunks anyway, right?

It's 2005, and this is how we treat CANADIANS? Not Natives, not a minority-PEOPLE, Canadian citizens and their children. Not very far removed from smallpox riddled blankets if you ask me.

There is most likely a general election in April. So I ask, is this the kind of government you want? A group of people who do NOTHING until it becomes a national disgrace.

For shame.......I'm disgusted and appalled. I'm even more disgusted to know that there is something along the lines of 24 other communities on similar boil water advisories. I defend our tax rate to friends in the US since we are told those taxes take care of people. So Mr. Martin-USE MY MONEY AND TAKE CARE.

I'm glad I have NEVER voted liberal in my life.

For shame.

It's appalling isn't it?

Hey! You guys only have to deal with those Federal Idiots (ok, you've got provincial ones too!).

Try dealing with them AND the separatist bastards I have here, where I must follow strict rules for putting up English signs, or for sending my kids to English school, and a whole bunch of other infringements on my freedom.

I say we gather up all our politicians and force them to live in Kashechewan and make them drink the water

Liberal and consevative is I understrand is complete different in the united states.
Liberal are tax and spend.
Consevative is barrow and spend.
All the time I've voted their only two party that makes the ballot box. I understand that you have quite a few more party

Please don't tell me you voted Reform/Alliance/"Conservative". Like Rick Mercer said, elections are all about voting for the lesser evil. If you don't vote, then you're pro-evil. :)

I've turned Green. yes, at the moment, it's a bit of an ineffectual party, but hey, they got enough votes last election to get funding-that's worth something...I NEVER vote Liberal or Pc/Alliance/Satan EVER. never have, never will. And the NDP....they send me into giggle fits, and the person in my riding gives me the creeps.

I had a friend in school who was NUTS about how you can't bitch if you don't vote. He was right (I'd never tell him that). So I always vote. I'm actually thinking of running in the next municipal election just to fuck with the old people.

My favorite joke is one about an Ontarian, a Maritimer and a Quebecer finding a genie. I only remember the punchline-the guy from Ontario uses his wish, points at Quebec and says "See that? PAVE IT!"

Hee Hee Hee


Trick or Treat!
C'mon, give me some damn candy! Hurry up with it. I got a lotta houses to hit. Do you like my George Bush costume? Scary, huh? Nice pumpkin you have there. Did you carve that yourself? Nice third grade work for a grown up. It will look good rolling down the street!
Thanks for the free candy! Later!

Happy Halloween from MEGABRAD :)

Saw this on the news the other night, disgusting is the correct word for it. I was appalled and couldn't believe I was watching Canadian news.

If you don't vote you're pro-EVIL??? I can say I've voted...Trudeau was in power at the time.

Locally, the last mayoral candidate I voted for wanted to put alien landing pads on one of our tall buildings. She didn't win.

Vote however you like, but it's six of one half a dozen of the other.

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