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Things we do to Spam

So...I had this great rant lined up since I took the bus this morning, but it can take a back seat, because I think we need to start doing something about this spam shit.

I get a spam message yesterday. I take a page from Rocker Mommy's book and email the bastard.

The spam:
Today I woke up checked a few emails, and than checked my payment status. I was shocked to find out that I had sold several $100 worth of product in one night, I realized this was the beginining to my money making businesss. With the system I have used andnow provide to you it is literally one of the best internet home business starters I have ever come across. Visit make extra money site. It pretty much covers make extra money today to learn more.

My response, after hitting "contact us" on the site, titled " Spam Sucks". (As much as I don't want to give traffic, this annoys me)
"Bugger off with it already...unless you'd like a hate blog started."

THEIR response:

"I apologize for the inconvienence, if you do not like my blog comment than please delete it."

Excuse me? Last time I checked, SPAM is not cool. Last time I checked, it doesn't generate any income, and all it does is ANNOY THE FUCK out of people. So, not only do I think we should start emailing this wanker with crap ALL THE TIME, we should start doing that to ANYONE who spams us.

The NERVE of someone to think they have a right to irritate me, or anyone else. To think that I should delete their crap, which they've used a program to dump on people, while I've taken time to sit down and write for me, and for others. Regardless, this is just like someone bothering you at home, or on the phone, then saying it's my fault for answering the door or phone.

So my friendly band of revenge seekers, what shall we do to THIS mannerless poof?

you should visit cakesniffers.blogspot.com (if you haven't already) not too long ago, she had a very similar response happen to her.

Would you kindly do this for me? Buddies

you should turn on your word verification...

I often wonder what these people who send out spam or junk e mail what are they thinking? I've never fell for any of them and if I did I would have all sorts of nice things, wouldn't have to work very hard and be beautiful. Only if life was that easy, "NOT!"

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