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Dear John

I have a friend named John. I have had this friend for almost 10 years I think. We began as tape traders, and slowly a friendship evolved. We've never met. He lives in New York.

I consider John a great friend. I've never met, or corresponded with someone as astute in giving topical advice without offending or otherwise hurting the other person. I've never met someone who gives so much of himself in his writing, emails, letters, prose, whatever. He is a true friend and gentleman, regardless of how much time goes by between emails. I miss sometimes our 12 page handwritten letters, but my hand sure doesn't!

John has been lurking. I love Site Meter. BUT, I have also taken FOREVER in writing poor John back on his last email, which includes a piece of writing by him that I've read but not really taken the time to "read"......so this is my public penance asking for his forgiveness!

AND, it's an attempt to get him to delurk! COME OUT COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE!

awww, I still have the same penpal from 1989, but I too, should beg forgiveness at not writing in such a long while.

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