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I can't sleep.

It's almost 2am and the baby will be up in about 4 hours and I still can't sleep. I'm sitting here, mind racing, wondering why I go to work everyday, why I own a house, since all I do is stress about the house, and wonder what's left to enjoy. I've left everything behind me, so once you remove anything and everything you enjoy, what's the point really?

I can't make my head stop. I think I'm going mad...

Don't go mad on us Thor. Then again, I wonder if one would be better off in a state where you don't know and don't care - kinda like Alzheimer's. Just living in my own world!

I'm sorry you're so stressed out, Thordora. You and your baby are both precious, and you'll get over the house problems, I'm sure. All the best to you. :)

hang in there xx

Hang inn, you'll survive. Is this your first baby? My first baby I worried that I wouldn't hear him at night and never sleep for 2 months. Boy when the second one came I learn to sleep like a baby.

Thanks guys.....2 babies actually....and they are awesome kids (I'm a good mom if I say so myself)

I'm just stressed out with no break....I keep looking at my house, and wondering where my "dream" went....I just want to start working on it, and it's bugging me....and I'm terribly lonely half the time....

awww, you oare about where I'm at: realizing this might be the best you are ever going to be, looking forward to your 2 weeks vacation every year as the only enjoyment anymore, worrying about mortgage, car payments, breakins, insurances, etc......I think they call this the pre-mid life crisis, I'm there with u....also thinking about my husband having to be my last man ever kinda sucks.

Neh, the life went to shit when we bought our house. All I've done for the lasy 9 years is freak about money.

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