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The cynic is a passionate person who doesn't want to be disappointed again.

Now, normally I hate books like these. My particular nemesis is that "Who moved my cheese" book. I'm not a child. Don't treat me like one.

Anyway...I requested a couple of books for work thru my boss, and she sent this one as well. It's really cool. The basic thrust is that we should experience the world on our terms, reinventing our expectations, and our needs instead of expecting others to change for us.

It's a hard pill to swallow, but I think it just might be the pill I was waiting for. Anyone else ever had that "pill" moment?

i'm actually going through it at the moment... it's really tough... but i'm hanging in there...

I've been so busy to read latley.

YES!!!! It's the peculiar situation I am finding myself in currently, do I try to find a way to accept/change myself so that life is better at home, or do I continue to expect my hubby to change (which really, why should he?)

I,m probably more cynical now than I've ever been.Years of listening to people's pain has probably done that to me. But yes I agree cynics are passionate people blah blah.

My pill was swallowed when I started blogging!

I read on the brief bus ride. Or I knit if I want the creepy people to stare at me the entire way to work....

That's just it Rowan. All this time I've been saying, it's all the Dorf. Finally I stopped and asked myself, WHY I want him to change.

Why you want your partner to change? "Because I'm the PRINCESS, dammit!!!"

Seriously... Each person can only change so much. Sometimes it's enough, sometimes it ain't.

I like the title of this post - rings true.

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