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Little Lamb

She visits her neighbour often. It's the proper thing to do.

He's a cripple. Or rather "differently abled." His mind still works. He likes to have her around he says she brightens up his day, likes his cat.

Later, when no one is looking, he likes to pull down the blinds. They share cherries.

She can't find the door.

The worst part is, she does what he asks because it seems harmless, she doesn't know how to refuse, she's afraid of what to tell her mother.

He ties knots in the cherry stems.

One day, he asks someone else, his adult helper, to push the button on the camera. Asks her to just slip off her swimsuit. She's still young enough to run around in it all summer.

He gives her presents to insure her allegience. He gives her cherries off his tongue.

That cherry puke scene in "The Witches of Eastwick"? She only wishes she could.

It's sick what people can do, isn't it? Wow, can you write, do you write what you know?

I'm speechless, but just had to say that I had read this xx

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