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Monday in September

I've noticed that with kids you no longer have the separation of the "week" and the "weekend". The days become variations on a theme. The weekends are slower, and I don't have to put a bra on all day, but sometimes I do more work at home than at work. I have trouble remembering what it was like to just "go out" on a Saturday night. Not that I ever really did, since people just bother me, but I kinda miss that, "gee, I'll just get up and go." feeling. You really don't appreciate it at the time you know.....And I realize that in a few years, I'll have it back. The time with kids as helpless, annoying little firestarters is really so damn short.

It's my favorite time of the year right now-FALL is starting! Might have something to do with being born in September, right after the weather turns (2 more weeks-I accept coupons to bookstores and yarn stores!). I love that feeling in the air, when it turns crispy and all I can think of is making giant leaf piles to jump in (ah, the joys of mulch and compost-no need to be neat!)

I just always feel so good at this time of year, likely a holdout to when I was young, and the beginning of school held so much promise. But it's also the memories of doing stuff with my Mom, candy apples, pumpkins, all that good stuff. The warmth of a new wool sweater. The pensive hang of almost winter clouds. Your breath on the air again for the first time....

My life feel like whirl wind. I just want some kinda of strucure but not over bering with it.

I love the Autumn too - its my time of year....

I love fall, too. Even fall clothes look good! E-mail me your address - I want to send birthday greetings to you.



I'll email it when I get home since I can't access web mail at work.

The fall is my favourite time of year too. I love it because it starts to cool off - 88*F with 85% humidity. Sounds horrible, but after 4 months of 99*F and 100% humidity & not much rain the fall starts to feel really good! :-) Halloween is right around the corner & that was mine & the hubby's first date. Dressing up the boy to go Trunk or Treating. All that kind of fall stuff appeals to me. :-)

I love a warm fall too, but it is bittersweet, since shortly after, is the dreaded Canadian Winter.

What date is your birthday then?

I'm the 27th - you?

What is fall? Do you have an autumn as well?

(Only joking)

I'm the 25th. That was, I always know what day of the week Xmas will be.

We're lazy. Autumn takes too long to say.

It got hot again.


Indian Summers. Stephen King wrote a story about Indian Summers. I think it's called SpringHill Jack. It's a damn fine pshycological thriller, a short story. It's in the collection "The Night Shift". I think that's my favourite Stephen King book. That and "The Eyes of the Dragon".

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