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There's a girl lost in there.

Watch as she magically drinks herself into a stupor, drags her body into her school, bleary eyed and stinking of someone's Daddy's cheap liquor. You can wash off bile, but can you wash off disgust?

No one does much. A pentient letter to an editor, easy, much too easy for this one. She knows it's lies. She knows her first time won't be her last. She tells stories so the man in knee socks, this sad man in tall socks and short pants might leave her alone, might stop himself from trying. It's depressing to watch them try.

"I will never ever drink again. Alcohol destroys lives. I am 13, and I shouldn't be drinking, and I won't do it again, at least not until I'm 19."

She laughed as she wrote this, quivering as she thought of the bottle if gin left watered in her father's wine rack. She hates gin. She wants more.

Ah, the acohol post. been there but haven't posted about it yet.

Hey! I'm diggin' the new scheme!! Looks good!

Hey Thordora,

A contest of consequence is on at my page. Yes! Help me decide who to fire at my work! Sound like fun? You know it is! Help me decide!!!!!!

hmmm, is this a self story?

Sadly, yes it is. In grade 8, I got STINKING drunk, and made the BRILLIANT decision to go to school. The principal, who felt he was my writing mentor or something, made me write this terribly long article about how drinking is E-V-I-L, etc, etc....

me being the kid I was, used to fucking with shrinks, knew exactly what to say. Then I had to sit there listening to my teachers, my father, everyone rambling on about how great my article was....

I've never felt so icky in my life, and it started me down a path of least lying. I hated that feeling...

What interesting question

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