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I'm trying to feel bad about it. And in a way, I do.

But in another, there is a VERY large part of me saying "what did you expect?" Hey, let's go live under sea level, and then be surprised when we're flooded out.

It's been maintained for years by various organizations that New Orleans, as well as other areas, are inadequately protected from hurricanes, and that the "right" storm will destroy the city. Yet the levee's are only designed to withstand Cat 3 storms?

Why would anyone want to live somewhere that will, inevitably, be destroyed? And I understand that it's not as easy as it sounds to leave, but people are always quick to complain about rising insurance rates, the amounts charities request, ad nauseaum, but no one seems to ever question why people continue to return to these areas, and why some areas aren't just "closed off" from settlement. Wouldn't it be more responsible of a government to do this? I mean, if they're willing to legislate seat belts, bike helmets and booster seats, shouldn't they also focus on protecting people from bad land?

That being said, it could have been worse. Much worse, and I feel for these people on a human level. On a logical, step removed level-it's idiocy. And they'll all move back.

wow, I hadn't even heard (bad me) will check out now....I have always wanted to go there! *hoping anne rice's house is still ok*

I completely agree. Nowhere is 100% safe, but that's no excuse to live in a death zone.

One of my sister and brother inlaw lives by the mississippi river and she was telling us, their people who lives in flood area. Every so often the river floods and wipes out these homes. What the bad part is they go back to the same area, so they can collected goverment or tax payers money.

Florida has had more hurricanes hit it than New Orleans and most of the time, besides the humidity, N.O. is a wonderful place to be.

There are some places that our government has taken over that keep flodding & flooding and say that nobody can live there. Suprisingly enough, alot of the places aren't on the coast. They are close to rivers that flood on a yearly basis.

Also, the insurance rate only rises on homeowners insurance only when there is a fire. Floods are reimbursed by the gov't. so there is no need to raise rates. Father in Law is an insurance adjuster, that's how I know this info...

I understand where you are coming from.I would NEVER live in California. Hello, they will one day be their own ISLAND! How crazy is that??? Anyway, there is weird shit everywhere. Love ya Babe!

We have this wonderful ability to forget and go on with our naive lives... it's one of those things that lets us enjoy the good part of the bad parts.

There was an earthquake on the second day I moved to Los Angeles... 16 years ago. I've been through a number of worse ones since then... and still love the good parts enough to be naive :-)

When it does become an island, which may be a million years from now... I plan to be someplace else by then anyway.

(wait, I think I see a meteor heading towards downtown Cleveland :-)

I know...no where is safe...and I really do feel bad for the PEOPLE. I think government on MANY levels have TOTALLY failed the people in those areas....

I think I'm becoming so strident and almost nasty about it because it's SCARY that shit like this can happen in a country like the US. Isn't it supposed to be better than that?

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