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That morning, the gross morning when they
took her away and everything turned
stark winter white and soundproofed and everyone forgot and
left alone one not as stupid as they thought-little girl a
knock came at the door.

How is she? they gasped, hands wrung
they knew what those lights meant sure as
she knew that someone was never coming home again.

A mantra repeated at the open door

"Fine. Everything is fine."

Like china, like fuck you nothing
will ever be the same ever again, you sit like a bull on my doorstop
pleading eyes begging to feel full. Just fine.

Fine slams the door to keep away from those eyes. Fine folds into herself like origami
yet not so delicate, becomes smaller, keeps repeating "everything is fucking fine" until for the first time in her life, she collapses into nothing. Fine draws her knees up, and never lets them down again.

She takes herself to school like nothing is wrong. She's such a bad ass, making jokes through spelling. She knows all the words already. It's bigger ones that weigh her down now. Recess pulls her away. She knows.

No one sends a priest to fetch you unless your world is ending.

( just a word guys-I'm not trying to depress, I'm just grooving on how I like this working....I'm toying with the idea of making it a third blog, all my items about motherloss, but i dunno-whaddya think?Plus, I always look for stuff on motherloss, and I can't find anything, and I'd really like to start helping people.....i don't know...fucking libra)

you've been tagged!

That was moving. i'm sure others need this from you and perhaps you all can help each other.

Oh, the damn motorcycle thing! I think you mentioned that before.
How can MEGABRAD be of service?

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