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Favorite Friday 3

I worked from home today, so no time to post in the morning.

In honor of H.R.M. Vivian, today's favorites are things toddlers can be made to say:

  • "That's a small penis!" To all loud cars and motor bikes
  • "Motherfuckers." muttered while playing in the bath
  • "Wanna smoke some crack?" (she hit the "NO!" stage this week, and "DO you want to smoke some crack?" is the ONLY thing she'll say yes too. Then she starts singing "Smoke some craack!" and running around....I'm SUCH a bad mommy)

while my other favorites include things you say to a toddler that could be taken WAAAAYYY out of context.

  • "Sweetie, don't put the pickle in man's bum."
  • "Wrap your lips around it and blow." (one of those paper things for birthdays...)
  • How about we NOT stick the toothbrush in ANY orifice."

There are TONS more, but I think I've adequately demonstrated by parenting skills. Oh, and

"Mommy takes a poo!" is always good fo a laugh..

OK-those of you with your own spawn-what are some of yours?

My kid just looks at me and shakes his head I don't blame him.

Great pic! Mine is now saying his "own"material. My favourite is, "Mom, This is the LIFE!" He cracks me up daily! Also drives me up the wall daily too, but the previous is much more often. :-)

Hey! Thanks for the blog roll!

Mine (now 24!) used to greet visitors with:

"I want to see your spurtin' blood".

Taken from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Grandparents were not amused.

now THAT is a good one george....the smoke crack bit is popular lately

Thordora, you slay me!


oh, the phone calls I shall get once they're in school...

how will I not laugh?

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