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for Mell-10 years after, this is what we have.

There's water left
to the right of you on my arm once
a token of affection now a trail of
destruction and a test.

A moment, a monument to a second of
bleached emotion between
lovers yet caught.

I hold your waterspout ready in hand
captured for posterity I
bring you closer my
only one

feel this. feel
this burning act upon heads of state heads
of meat heads of cabbage in
gardens left rotting feel this
mistake that I ever loved or
wanted something so weak and solvent

water left
right by my arm

all I have to remember.

(brand new! Just written!) oh blessed relief!


Fantastic rhythm ...

What was behind you writing it now? Is it 10 years on?

The remixed version of Salt Peter is definately worth getting if you like some dance music - some of the remixes are similar, but mostly not - lots of Lesley Rankin singing away, mind. She's fab.

Lord-long story, not that romantic.

Someone I went to high school with was dating my brother, she has two kids, a DICK ex who MIGHT be abusing them, arsehole family, etc, etc.

It's been almost 10 years since the end of high school (well, for little miss drop out a few times for kicks that is...) and she's been having a SHITE week, and it got me to thinking two things
1. What in FUCK happened to who were thought we'd be?
2. FUCK ME it sucks when love is NOT enough.

At some point she would have desperately loved this guy, you know that feeling, the pit of your gut, I'm going to melt if I don't hear that voice kind of love. And then slowly, or quickly, I don't know, it's gone.

and what's left? time, memory, and a mess.

great. I'll be 30 and whiny soon, and now I've managed to depress myself. I'm just really beginning to realize that I'll never be on the board of poets in a classroom like one of my teachers once said I would be.....

To quote Goethe incorrectly, it's ALL frozen music.

My email was all fucked up, so if you got multiple emails on that album, my apologies....

it was dancey enough the first time, I liked the song structure and her voice more than anything...

hmmmm...I should dig that up for the walk to work on Monday...

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