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I forgot the fricken butter. AGAIN.

So sue me. I AM human. I DO forget that we have run out of stuff, since I'm not the only one who eats anything. It WASN'T empty last time I had checked. WHY does the topic then require a 15 minute argument on messenger?

Yeah, I didn't have a list. But remember, I had a list when I forgot the formula. But I guess on top of everything else, I need to remember every single bloody piece of crap that we need. It's not bad enough that I go after working all week. It's not bad enough that I have to try and stay focused on the task at hand. Nope, I forget one "staple" and I'm completely useless.

I mean, you're right, who on earth forgets butter?!? I remembered every other single retarded thing you wanted didn't I? Except for the things they didn't have, or I wasn't paying for?

So how about YOU go get the groceries. Go on-just TRY and remember everything we need for two weeks, and I mean REAL food, not just crap. Really, I DARE you. You've never had to do it, so how in HELL would you know what it's like?

You only JUST noticed that gee, it really DOES cost that much. That I'm not pulling the bill out of my ass and buying crack. Do you think I WANT to spend 300$ every two weeks? HA! I could find MUCH better things to do.

I don't ask much of you. When you're home during the week, I don't bitch about how the only things you EVER do is the dishes and sweep the floor, while I go nutty on the weekend. I try to not bug you when you sit there, oblivious to our child playing with a knife. I try not to complain when I get hell for spending a little bit of money in a silly way, while you hide the MC bill with a 80.00 purchase on comics bi-weekly. Especially when I've spent my money on clothes for the kids.

Really. I'm the horrible one all the time. I know I have faults, but kettle, meet pot.

Yeah, the ADD sucks. But you know what sucks more? When your partner is an ASSCRAP about things.

Boy, can't wait to go home now.

OMG! That sounds like my husband and I. We had a fight about apples. APPLES, for pete's sake! Now we rarely go food shopping together, so the one that does always seems to forget something. Apparently two jars of dill pickles has the same calorie count as a whole bag of apples. Go figure!

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