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Apparently the University of Alabama is providing a camp for kids with ADHD.

"The University of Alabama's highly detailed program addresses those impairments by guiding the 24 enrolled children through a strict schedule of sports, academics and art classes. Before and after each session, staff members lead the children in a discussion about rules for the games and classroom and camp life.
Children receive points for correct answers and maintaining eye contact, among other behaviors. Those points earn the children rewards, such as permission to participate in weekly field trips."

Not quite sure how I feel about this. 2800.00 USD. Yeah, medication alone won't fix this. But one of the COOL things about ADHD/ADD is that kids tend to be creative and spontaneous, something that a "strict schedule of sports, academics and art classes" will hinder, possibly destroy.

When I was a kid, "strict" schedules were the things that drove me insane. I need down time to regroup, and figure things out. I like to sit and think, dawdle, because it helps me learn. What are we teaching with something like this? Don't just take time?

Ever notice how a LOT of people have trouble being alone, occupying their time without the stimulus of others? I don't have that problem. I can work, or play by myself. So do we really want to raise a group of kids to go AGAINST their brains and be like everyone else? Why not work with the problems? Like I've noticed I get cranky when I don't have some me time, so we're working towards more of that, and it helps. Ignoring the fact that I need it by filling my days with activity, that would NOT be cool.

It just bothers me, because anymore, it seems society spends it's time turning kids into the same creatures, just because some are a little harder to handle than others. While I do believe that ADD/ADHD is a disorder of the brain, and sometimes you need a little help, I also believe that those of us with the disorder should be left to be ourselves.

Not everyone wants to be "fixed" anyway...

I love the fact that we tend to train kids like dogs. Also that no matter what perceived wrong is going on, someone will be there to charge you thousands of dollars ot help you.

I think the big problem is that school is a cookie cutter factory that can only deal with the median student - anyone who is outside that demographic gets left in the dust - which usually includes gifted students, challenged students and those with alternative learning styles.

no shite. I really wish I could home school my kids. I just KNOW that all my efforts will be undone in one year, by a system that is meant to promote uniformity and mediocrity.

I HATED school, because it RUINED learning for me....being smarter in some things, and being told to wait for the slower kids, THAT pissed me off. Discovering that 30% of my mark in any given class was based on me merely SHOWING UP, and not my actual output, THAT's priceless. I had the "game" figured out at 15.

Problem is, a large majority of teachers do not WANT challenge. Who wants 30 kids challenging them everyday?

OOOH-I'm just getting worked up now....

Our society needs a bunch of drones to drive the economy and consume... individuality is an anathema to this - I think it's interesting that this was the key thing the west despised and feared about 50's style russia (as oppossed to the reality of russia) and now we are taught to loathe and fear anyone 'different' or 'unusual' and if they act up or out then they need to be 'uniformed'. America more than anywhere seems to be getting more more restrictive - don't be gay, be a christian, don't be liberal, don't question authority... etc...

Me ranting as well.

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