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Why can't men do the dishes?

Recent conversation between myself and the Dorf:

Me: You know, dishes are only considered clean when there is no longer FOOD on them.
Dorf: They're clean. They look clean to me.
M: ARE YOU BLIND?!?! I put a spoon back THREE TIMES with a large amount of something white stuck to it, and it STILL came back dirty. You actually need to LOOK at the dishes.
D: What's your problem anyway? It's just our own dirt.
M: Ummmm EWEWEWEWEW! Just LOOK when you wash things would ya? And TRY to remember that you need to wash the OUTSIDE of dishes as well, since the outside sits in the inside of the others.......
D: Whatever.

What in the HELL is wrong with men when it comes to the dishes? My Father is the EXACT same way-his idea of washing the cutlery is to swirl them around in the water. It's even worse now that his eyes are worse. He likes doing the dishes, and doesn't listen when I tell him things aren't clean. It's rather gross. This grosses me the fuck out. If I'm drinking Kool-Aid, I DO NOT want to see the milk ring at the bottom of the glass. How can you NOT see that these things are still dirty?!?!


And if you think I'M doing the dishes....HA! I HATE the dishes, and besides, I wash the underwear. You MIGHT want to be nicer to the person who washes your gitch....

The great and mighty beaver is displeased.

What exactly is Kool-aid?

As for dishes, I ain't bad at it. I agree on making sure the dishes are actually clean after - otherwise what's the point, right?

In the UK it's nearly always called - Doing the washing up. I like 'Doing the dishes' though.

You don't have Kool-Aid in Britain? Do you have Freshie? It's basically flavoured sugar....mixed with water to make a drink....

Sounds horrible - does it taste at all nice?

depends. I personally LOVE Grape or Orange Kool-Aid when it's as disgustingly hot like it is right now. I also love Cherry Kool-Aid at the movies.

I should send you some. I can't believe you don't have Kool-Aid there. Let me know if you want some-it's cheap...

I don't recommend the Watermelon Kiwi flavour the Dorf likes. ICK.

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