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So of you may remember the LOVELY anonymous comment I received on my "ADD day" post...for those who don't, here it is in all it's glory...

"you pretty whine about everything and anything... you're the twat of the earth"

I had meant to write about this a few days back, but as usual I forgot, got distracted, and then had some actual work to do. So, here we are.

Now, I could block anonymous comments, but I LIKE leaving the option there for people, especially in light of the contents of some posts. I think people should be given the option to NOT say who they are. I also thought I could delete the comment, but why bother? It amuses me to leave it there.

But I wonder about the motivation of leaving these comments. Because you know damn well that this person has most likely returned to see how mad I got. I stumble across a LOT of blogs that I have "bad" thoughts about, but I was always taught that if you can't say something nice, then shut the fuck up. What's the point of leaving something nasty, with no way for a person to truly rebut it? Why be so foul for no apparent reason, other than patting yourself on the back?

So I was thinking-I'd like to see everyone else's nasty anonymous posts. I think it would be amusing to compile them together like a word collage. So please, submit your posts so I can make them better. And I'm interested to see what other people get once in awhile.

I've got WAY too much work to do, so I should cut this short. I really hate it when work interferes with my posts....sigh

I agree - no reason to say owt if you've nothing good/constructive to say.

Doesn't mean we need to go around patting each other on the back saying how wonderful we all are. We can still disagree, but do it on an intelligent level.

I haven't gotten any nasty, anonymous comments yet. I'm kinda happy about it, actually.

I read a post on someone's blog several months ago about how homeschoolers at book sales annoyed her immensely. She received many comments agreeing with her assessment of homeschoolers. A teacher said that homeschoolers are "the bane of the intelligent person's existence." This was follwed by a slew of angry, hateful comments about homeschoolers. I posted a comment about how they were expressing bigotry on the same level as rascism and it hurt my feelings in the same way. More nasty comments. I posted another comment about how hurtful their remarks were.

I then very stupidly wrote a post on my own blog asking for comments as to why so many people are so hostile and angry about homeschooling. I was asking for honest, intelligent, debate, truly wanting to see both sides of the issue, which I had researched extensively.

I should have known better. My husband warned me. I received a firestorm of nasty, hateful comments which literally reduced my to tears! Here is an excerpt: "clueless, pathetic, homeschooled children who come into my school knowing only the books of the Bible and how to sell candy door-to-door.” There was some name-calling. No debate. Only insults.

I ended up not only deleting the comments, but also the entire post! A regular reader asked me why I had deleted it and I found the quote above in the e-mail I sent back to her, which is still in my 'sent' folder. After I deleted the post, the author of the original blog about homeschoolers at book sales deleted the comments I had left on her post about my hurt feelings. Tit for tat, I guess.

I can't remember any of the other exact quotes, but they were all brutal. And for the record: the only time my kids have sold candy door-to-door was while they attended public school!

I still haven't figured out what makes some people so angry and hostile toward homeschoolers! I'm actually a very nice person who just wants to do what I think is best for my kids! The writer of the original post that started the whole firestorm is now a regular reader of my blog and turns out to be a very nice person. For some unkown reason homeschoolers press a "hot button" with some people!

I haven't had any nasty anon comments - Sorry you got this, some folk are real cowards.

As for Kris above, yowza - some people are horrible, blimey. I felt terrible for you when I read that comment.

More poetry please.

Alright! Did someone say "Hate mail"? I've had some, and I'm expecting more. Too bad all you want are the annon. ones, because the ones I got signed are the funniest. I deleted the other annon. comments, but I have one fresh new one for you! It has a name (maybe fake) but no address. These make me laugh!

"I read 3 lines of ur blog....and all i have to say is "how bout u kiss MY ass". Only a self centred asshole like urself could write a dumb ass statement like that. You should be ashamed of urself...ur a disgrace to ur country.

Published By °»Julia«° - July 06 5:39 PM

Hahaha! Didn't even read the whole entry. Maybe even still she would not have understood I was kidding!!


What I LOVE about hate mail is the fact that it seems to be sent by people with less english skills than my daughter, who is 2...

msn seems to be worse for it-you should move over to blogger!

Kris-that's bloody rude. Yeah, some people homeschool poorly-some public schools teach poorly, if at all. I saw something else where someone stopped and BLASTED this chick who had 3 kids at 22. I found it odd that she was married with a kid at 18, and THEN had two more, but maybe that's her thing. Maybe she LIKES kids. Why stop and blast someone you don't know for THEIR lifestyle choice?

If I say something provocative, I can almost understand the hatemail...but I don't think I'm that bad.

And it boils down to the same thing everything in life does. Don't like it? Look away. Lord knows I have to do that with heboobies enough around here...

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