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I'm still here...just kinda melty, that's all.

Funny that April would chastise me for not blogging, since I was thinking about that last night..."wow, this is the first time I haven't posted everyday since I started..." this blogging thing is kinda sad sometimes, but on the other hand, it's currently my only written outlet, this from a person who normally writes prose, and (i cringe to admit it) poetry. (it's not terrible poetry though-it sounds bad, but I do have some talent).

anyway...I haven't been posting because it's been hot as HELL here. On Sat it was 40C with the humidex. And we have crap windows, which lets the heat in. In case I haven't mentioned it, I FUCKING HATE summer. I'm a sweater weather girl. I like to be COLD when I sleep. I'm also affectionately referred to as a "portable fusion reactor" due to the amount of heat I release. So I'm not summer's biggest fan. Oh, and the fact that I burn in 10 minutes (15 with sunscreen) and I get severe heatstroke.

Boy, I LOVE summer.

BUT, at least I've actually entered the pool. I forgot how much I dig swimming. Of course, there is the bathing attire issue. I don't think there is a woman alive who enjoys swimwear. I had to wear boy short underwear and a tank top, since I refuse to spend 100$ on something that will be destroyed by chlorine. And of course, I had to gently remind the dorf that gee, goin gin the pool when I'm getting some dinner cooked, and getting two kids bathed and ready for bed, likely NOT the best choice. I had to gently yell very loudly about that. A few times. Why would he even ask?

The Dorf stayed home Friday night, which meant we got to hang out a bit. Which meant extra sex, which is always more fun when it happens when one or both of us is normally at work. Of course the hickey/bite marks were, as usual, left conviently where I forgot them, and where the Babin noticed them...

I've been really run down and tired as well, likely from eating crap all weekend. My fondness for the Cheese Lovers at Pizza Hut has in no way diminished, despite the yappy and slightly creepy old men delivering the pizza.

So that was my weekend. Exciting wot? Time to go to work soon, so I can blog all week!
Thanks for kicking my ass April! I've been reading all weekend, just not much writing... (God, I swore I'd never do a "what I did" post...but this is amusing enough to not be one of those, right?)

Swimwear is evil unless you are happy about your weight.

There are, like, three women in the world who are actually happy about their weight.

But they don't like their boobs.

Summer is evil. Ours is no where near as hot as yours, but I still hate going outside.

Give me a chocolatey duffel coat anyday over shorts and t-shirt.

Why don't you publish some poetry here?

I personally love summer. Not fond of swimwear but I actually found one that I like (close to 100$, mind you. Damn it all to hell!!!!!!! *sigh*)

And the hickey wasn't that bad. it COULD have passed for a bruise. But I know better, coming from you. hahahahaha (teasing)

Why is it that to be satisifed with our noses, or boobs, we then HATE something else? I'm currently NOT liking the crap stomach I now have. Think it's bad BEFORE kids. 2 kids in 2 years has caused my stomach to droop to the point where I CANNOT suck it in because the muscles are so loose. NNIICCEE.....

And I LIKE wearing my heavy camel coats, so I'm with Herge. Layers Layers Layers. I hate the first warm weather after winter, where you feel naked without them. of course, I now also live somewhere that can get 80 cms of snow at ONCE.

And who knows, maybe it WAS a bruise...

Hopefully time for a post tomorrow about how freaky Mommy gets when Daddy calls saying Vivian is puking blood...the ONE time I'm ACTUALLY enjoying a work function nonetheless...too tired tonight.

I'm happiest with a long sleeve t under my t-shirt... and a baggy sweater over the top that I can take off and tie around my hips. I'd move to the snow- except I'm sure I'd die in the snow... freeze or something. :)

My biggest swim suit problem is the pubes growing down my legs. If I shave, I have little red bumps down my legs. Nair melts my skin. Every year I tell myself I'm going to go get a wax, but chicken out after a friend tells me about the intense pain. I wear a skirted tankini!... with lots of support for my boobs which hang down to my belly button without it.

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