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The Terry Shiavo thing

I'm not gonna go on and on and on, since every OTHER blogger in the known universe has, but there is ONE thing that has bothered me the entire time.

According to many of the religous who "rallied" around Terry, it was inhumane and unethical to "play god" and remove the feeding tube.


last time I checked, a feeding tube is not naturally in anyone's throat. I couldn't, and still don't understand how people could argue that "god" had a hand in this, and get mad when Mr. Shiavo wanted to let Terry live or die, without assistance...

Does my confusion make sense? I feel like I'm missing my own point here..

If I were in that situation (a vegetable), I would want someone to pull the plug on me! Big time. That is not "alive". Being kept "alive" like that would be torture and inhumane. I don't get alot of the "religeous right" attitude or thinking at all.

i don't think people should use religion in this way!! shiavo was a vegetable and was kept alive artificially... by MAN, not by God... that has nothing to do with religion, the woman's practically dead

It's all about control, and who has the most authority. The religious right lost this round, but they'll be back.

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