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Things I HATE about work.

I need a bit of levity before I go...
  • Bare feet-EW EW EW EW. You're at WORK people.
  • Smelly Food: Do I want to smell your fish? NO
  • Toilet Paper: Apparently, our business is bad since the toilet paper RIPS when you try to pull it out of the holder. And it's transparent.
  • Buck passing: Want something done? It'll take a week, since instead of simply helping, everyone spends their time telling you who else to ask.
  • Personal Conversations: LOUD. What IS IT about groups of women? WHY can't they shut up already?

And there's more, but it's Friday, it's 5pm and I'm GOING HOME!

Gee... Now I REALLY wanna come back from vacation. Thanks !!! *severe eye rolling*

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