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This is crap.

The fact that a country is attempting to censor the internet is bad enough. The fact that Yahoo, Google and Microsoft are helping is reprehensible.

Granted, most of the information on the internet is BS. But people in China have a right to accesible information about their country, about the world, about anything.

It's just wrong. I'm at work, so I can't expound on this, but there's got to be something...

god, this is horrible. at first i didn't believe the article. it just sounds too Orwellian to be true. alas...

Yep, it's all too true. Just goes to show ya.....

jerks. as Vivian would say "big jerks."

jerks. as Vivian would say "big jerks."

Sometimes I think its not the government we have to be afraid of, but multinational companies...


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