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I'm feeling curious today...

And I'd like to know, since I'd like to have more reader participation...

What is your ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG? Name, artist, and why you like it.

Just curious about everyone's favorite music, since music is a big part of my life.

For me, my FAVORITE song EVER is Andromeda Suite by the Legendary Pink Dots. Because it's the most beautiful and heartbreaking song that always reminds me of that sweet melancoly pain when you first fall in love and can't be around them...

so come on people! I want to know you're alive out there! No prizes, but you will receive undying love (maybe....)

I love WAY too many songs to name one but I'll name you one of them. Adore by Prince. I've never heard Andromeda Suite. I'll have to look 4 it later!

Led Zepplin--- Stairway To Heaven

I see you're a music lover. You should know how hard this question is! My most favorite song EVER, if I HAD to pick is "Looks Like Rain" - The Dead

it changes all the time doesn't it? I will go through phases where i just can't get enough of a certain song and i will listen to it over and over again.

the one that endures through all time is:

bjork - joga

her voice is so beautiful; it pierces right through you. when i saw her perform this song live i was completely blown away.

Yo! My fav record of all time is Dress by PJ Harvey. Just love it.

Good question Thor.

So why'd ya love me?

"Driving With The Brakes On" by Del Amitri

well herge, now I love you for loving PJ Harvey,,,, :)

I wish I could name just one song that embodied all the things that move me about music, but I can't. I have so many I couldn't possibly pick just one.



"ya see it's kinda real easy, in this desperate part of town.
Turns you from hunted into hunter,right?
Gonna hunt somebody down.
Wait a minute! Somebody said "Fair Warning"!
Lord, strike that poor boy down"

Bwahaha!! some lyrics there. Coulden't help it. C'mon, IT'S MY FAVORITE SONG!!!

that best be from that period known as "Van Halen" and not "Van Hagar"...

it's hard to a degree to pick one song, but although I like TONS, my favorite will ALWAYS move me to tears...

Of course it is VAN HALEN, because vanhagar is what we headbangers call "married metal" which is a nice code word for "Hey guys, it's getting late, we should put our instruments down and go home before our wives get mad."

Oh, and "VAN HALEN 1" is best album ever.EVER!

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