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April was right...

work TOTALLY interferes with blogging. While I might have a chance to read most of my favorites, I'm noticing my ability to comment is drastically reduced. All this so I can write reports NO ONE READS except for my summary blurb.



So I'm still reading y'all.

Ain't it the truth. I find my blogging time is so drastically reduced. I miss out on all the great commenting and I'm so lazy about posting.

Fucking work anyway.

It's 10:47 and I've had 3 cider and a lobster. It's time for bed.

Hahaha! You CAN blog and work at the same time, it just takes practice. And, a quick click of the mouse when your boss is coming. Of course, if the boss is tracking your computer, there are ways around that too! Bwahahaha!

my "boss" is usually too busy on eBay...

no, it's my idiotic protestant work ethic that gets in the way...

wish i could stay up past ten...
nice to see you everyone!.

You could just quit your job and blog full-time, like I do. The pay is shite ($0 annually), but it's what I want to be doing. :)

i'm actually waiting for my gambling degenerate brother (jk) to win the bloody lottery already. Especially now that I need a new washer..

BELEIVE me...if I didn't have to work, I'd be in a jungle somewhere

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