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To snip, or not to snip....

So, I let it slip to the Dorf the other day that I wondered what a third kid wou ld look like, seeing as Vivian looks like him, and Rosalyn like me. I received that look usually reserved for the moment before you kick a guy in the nuts, and they know it's about to happen. And then he kept muttering "I can't believe you might want ANOTHER...." for the next few days.

He find it weird since I never wanted any-I secretly think it's my hormones out to get me. And it's not like I'm all wanting to do it for sure...I just don't wan thim to cut the cord so to speak, then we want another in a few years cause finances change or something..

Somehow I knew we'd have another really close as I hadn't gotten rid of much after Vivian didn't need things anymore..(of course, they also say the best way to get knocked up is to give stuff away...)

I don't think I really want another, but I'm not sure so I don't want to kill the chance, you know?

What do you guys think? Is 2 enough? Or have as many as you can afford? Im thinking about population control as well....

I think it's smart to leave the door open. Tell the Dorf that reversing a vasectomy is no fun.

One was plenty for me, but that was my choice and I closed down the factory on my end. But, if your not sure, I would say hold off on any cutting.

that's the thing-I just don't know! And I have this feeling....and generally, when I have these feelings, I'm right. As much as I want to subject the Dorf to some pain.....

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