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The asshole, part deux

So....we receive a phone message (Vivian sure does love that "ringer off" button) from the aforementioned sitter, sounding pitiful, and explaining that she really did try and leave a message, but must have not hit the send button b/c she was about to puke.


I still think she's full of it, but since we have no other options, we will still use her for the time being. I'm damn sure she only called because her sister-in-law told her how pissed I was. Really, the 20 missed calls from my number on your cell, or the message on the home line wasn't an indication of anything? No one else was home? You were SO sick that you couldn't pick up the cell?
Don't get me wrong-I'm not a total ass. I'm sure she's sick (she's also one of "those" people with anxiety...nuff said?) but I really would have liked to actually speak to you? Just call me-she always says she doesn't want to call to early-honey, I have an infant and a toddler-since I doubt you're calling at 2am, early doesn't really apply.

I'm more mad that it ruined my day, and caused me to be kinda shitty to the kids today. And the fact that I spent 14 hours straight around them, esp since Vivian mostly didn't nap...I had been looking forward to one last "sit on my ass" day...

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