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The fuckers are back.

Well, the moncton bus strike is over. For now. Apparently they've made a deal, and went back to work instead of waiting for it to be ratified. Fares were free yesterday and today, and will be 1$ for the month of June instead of 1.75.
Which got me thinking-while I think it's a nice gesture, it's more of a case of the transit commission trying to save their ridership than anything. And all it means is less profitability for the transit commission, which now has to pay out more wages...so to protest the drivers and their union, I kinda want to pay the full fare, because I appreciate and use my transit system. We don't have a car, and as annoying as that is sometimes, I'm kinda proud of the fact. I just fucking HATE unions. All they do is cause problems. And it's not like bus drivers take their lives into their hands driving the bus...then again, considering the way people in this city drive....

anyway...it is nice to have the buses back. Now if only it would stop raining...

I read your MSN blog entry. Not raining men, huh? Does that mean Dingledorf is on his way out?

so, what's up with having two blogs, eh?? Is it twice the fun, or twice the pain in the ass? Hahaha!!
I read your post below about being adopted and finding your birth mother. The other day I was asked about my ethnic background. I laugh every time because I don't know. I'm adopted too. So I just make up something different every time, because I feel that I have a special right to do this!! One time I told these women that I was Scandinavian just to see if they would believe me. They didn't. No blue eyes and no blond hair!! Hahaha! Anyways, I thought that was interesting that you found your birth mom. I have thought about doing that before but never have tried. I wonder though about what it would be like emotionally, and if it would be a good or bad experience. Hmmm.

Karen-the Dorf has a little time to improve. He's been a little better, so he's been given a reprieve...
Brad-you just gave me the idea for today's post! I used to pretend I was from another planet.

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