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Sometimes there's no poison like a dream....

I was watching Oprah earlier (stop laughing, it's one of my tacky indulgent pleasures...) and there was this woman on who basically had to go on national television to tell her family, and namely her father, how much she had been hurt by them not accepting her because she was fat. Her father sat there and said he was ashamed...she told stories of him constantly chastising her for eating again, gave her these looks, basically made her feel like shit, like she was ugly and worthless..

Yeah, this girl was bigger, and her entire family skinny, which would be bad enough. But to be constantly put down for it, for something that likely wasn't even her fault, since she had been bigger since birth? And she was beautiful. So what, she's a size 18. The girl looked beautiful, and sweet and kind. And her father was slowly stealing that from her.

It got me to thinking. When Vivian was a baby, and now as I look at Rosalyn, all I want for their lives is for them to be happy. I really don't care what they want to do with their lives-they can be hookers if it makes them happy. I sit here looking at Rosalyn yanking her baby links, and I wonder, how does a parent justify sitting there insulting their child? How co uld you live with yourself for hurting them? How could you look at your own flesh and blood and say they aren't good enough?

There's no way I'll ever qualify for mother of the year-I'm short tempered and have a severe hate on for the people in this town (I'm racist against idiots-so kill me)but I know that there's one thing my children will always know. That they ARE good, beautiful people, and that I love them regardless of anything. Like my Dad always tells me, I'll pull the moon down for them, if they ever need it.

And to that girls father-I hope someday, after she's told you to go fuck yourself, that you fully realize what you've done and what you've thrown away. Cause you'll never have a true second chance with raising your child.

I'm glad you feel that way about your kids. :)

thank you. They're frustrating little fuckers sometimes, but at the end of even the worst day, my husband and I can sit there talking about all the cool stuff they've done all day....it's really neat, yet creepy, to be so into your kids

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