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101 things continued to 70

41. I procrastinate. All the time.
42. I am obsessed with plucking my nose hair.
43.I can't dive.
44. I hate the feeling of wet wool. Makes my teeth itch.
45. I don't have a driver's license.
46. I think zoos are reprehensible.
47. I don't eat pork, beef or fish/seafood. Pork because why would you, the others because they make me sick.
48. I'm lactose intolerant, but I eat it anyway.
49. I've done enough Acid that if the stories are true, I would be completely insane.
50. All of my relationships have been driven by my need to not be alone.
51. I will never feel good enough.
52. The asshole english professor who thought embarrassing people was an effective teaching mechanism-yeah, that essay you gave me 78 on? I never read the book.
53. I wish I was good at math.
54. I can't take a compliment.
55. I'm terrible with money.
56. I can only sleep comfortably on futons.
57. Only now do I understand how icky my having a 24 year old boyfriend at 16 was.
58.I miss my pet rats.
59. I am an atheist.
60.My daughters have MY last name.
61. I hate poodles.
62. I am flexible enough to chew off my own toenails. Not that I do. Anymore.
63. I've thrown away every journal I've ever kept.
64. I absolutely hate my job.
65. I'm too chicken shit to seriously look for a new one.
66. I want to open my own music store.
67. I want to learn to play the banjo.
68. I can recite Green Eggs & ham from memory.
69. No matter how much I like someone, there is always something that drives me absolutely cat shit.
70. I had a cat named "Booger" once.

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