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if anyone is actually reading this, please leave a comment...trying to figure out if I'm talking to myself here.....

and a theoretical question for the day...if you were looking to arrange a threesome, would you hire someone? Pick up a stranger? Hit on a friend?

There. Now you have a reason to leave a comment. If you're reading this in the first place

Hey there!!

I'm reading. I admit I couldn't leave a comment at first - when I clicked on BIG WORDS it fucked up! Had to click the clock to get a comment - maybe why no one is commenting.

ANYWAY - Defo stranger - maybe call someone up, at least one of the three will be good at it at least.

I once got offered a 3some with a couple of gay friends. Turned them down on the basis that I'm just about comfortable being the crappies t out of two when having sex, don't want to be 3rd best - nor do I want to be the one having to go make the tea whilst the other two finish up.

Just a thought.

Why'd ya ask?

oh...no reason...:P

it is a bit discomforting to be the one making the tea, especially for an extra person..

and yeah, I JUST noticed I fucked up the HTML, so it's back to the drawing board...stupid HTML..

I'm reading it, your blog. And by the way, I like our friends to the north. When we were in deep crap, our buildings falling down because some knuckle heads thought that bringing a few buldings down with airplanes, and murdering 3,000 inocent people would make us run and hide, you took our people in, the deverted planes, and made them safe. When our Iran took our people hostage, back in 1979, another terror act, you saved some, and hid them, and brought them home; Americans do not forget our friends. You are a good and decent people and Americans respect you even if we don't see eye to eye all of the time. Anyway, thank you for being good friends.

Another option is to buy from www.realdoll.com . Sure destroys any jealousy issues that might arise with a real live third party.

never thought of the doll idea....creative....but in the end, kinda icky, and plastics tend to get this smell...

tpk-um....glad we can all be friends...when someone nukes the states, and we suffer for the fallout, I'll try and remember to be friendly then too.

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