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31 to go....even if it kills me

71. I act like I don't want a fuss on birthdays, anniversaries, etc, but secretly, just once, I'd like a HUGE deal made.
72. Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips are my favorite chip.
73. Heathers will always be my favorite movie.
74. I like my nose.
75. I've shot spit balls at people.
76. I've had the cops bring me home drunk once.
77. Speed makes me hallucinate for some reason.
78. I watched someone drown unwanted kittens when I was a kid, and did nothing to stop them. I have felt incredibly guilty ever since.
79. I've only ever told one person about that.
80. I hate having sex outside.
81. My dream job would be a sex educator.
82. I miss being able to take more naps.
83. My hair is SOOOO close to being down to my butt.
84. I dream about death. ALL THE TIME.
85. I have to watch the news, even when it's retarded.
86. I am addicted to the Weather Network. Especially during storms.
87. Strangely, so is my brother, despite the fact that we didn't have cable growing up. We'll watch the bloody channel for hours. Drives our father cat-shit.
88. Fox News is a contradiction in terms.
89. I am now hopelessly addicted to blogging.
90. The one person in the world I dont' feel comfortable reading these is my husband. I don't know why.
91. I would go barefoot all the time if I could.
92. Emily Dickinson and William Carlos Williams are my favorite poets.
93. I wish babies turned different colors for different wants.
94. If I could go back, I would make sure I never got pregnant.
95. I don't remember what color my mother's eyes were.
96. I fucking HATE tomatoes. Watching someone eat one makes me gag.
97. Black Olives smell like B.O.
98. I tend to be good at things I hate.
99. I like to do laundry.
100. A newborn crying makes my stomach hurt.
101. I wish I could like myself.

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