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ASSHOLE-my sitter turned out to be one.

Today I was reminded of why I think most people are arseholes.

I was to have a break today. The sitter was supposed to come, and take the kids for a few hours, as agreed to awhile back. Guess who DIDN'T show up, or even call. I tried her cell about 20 times in a row-no answer, and once, a hang up. Left a message at the home number. Nothing.

I emailed her sister-in-law, who I happen to work with, checking if there was some sort of family emergency, the only reason I wouldn't get mad. Nope. And apparently she told her sister-in-law she left me a message...ah...NOPE. Apparently she's still sick, like she was last week from an infection where they pulled a tooth.

Now I would have been annoyed, but not upset if she had of called me last night, or even early this morning to cancel. Shit happens, and as I'm not back to work until Wednesday, it wouldn't have been a big deal. As she didn't call me, I had stayed up much too late since I assumed I'd be able to nap, and had planned on watching a movie. I kept the baby up in the morning, thus screwing up her scheduale.

So now, unless she calls with a REALLY good story, I'm stuck finding a new sitter in oh, about 5 days.

I mean really. Are you over 12? Then you can CALL. Don't try and tell me you left a message when you CLEARLY didn't. That's her other little trick=I'll call thru the voice mail and leave a message so I don't have to talk to you. meaning unless I pick up the phone, I won't know. I don't use the phone often, so I might not get the message. And yes, I checked-there was NO message.

Mostly what's REALLY bothering me about this is that I doubt she's ill at all. She recently hooked up with a guy who lives two hours away. Who wants to put money on the theory that she's having fun and can't be bothered to come in to, oh, I don't know, LIVE UP TO THE COMMITTMENT SHE'S AGREED TO!!!

If she no longer wished to sit for us, she could have said so. I did tell her we'd be looking for someone (operative term LOOKING) as she was looking for a full time job, and I didn't want to get stuck.

ARGH. I HATE it when people act like children. And I've been in a rotten mood all day since. I can't be using sick days the second day I get back.


I'd be friggin' pissed off, too. If you know anyone else that uses that sitter, let them know she let you down.

I'm too nice....

sigh...I'm one of those "thought of the BEST comeback two days after argument" kinda people...

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