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New Stove-I LOVE you

I JUST got my new stove! WOO HOO!
I JUST cooked muffins. They aren't burnt or anything!

Little background-My bought our first house last October-fixer upper, normal first house.The listing said all appliances included. Also stated they worked. Now, beyond checking that they turned on, I didn't probe much further, since gee, how to test the washer...

So we close, and move in. Right off the bat, the dryer and washer don't work properly. We call the realtor, who was as much help as herpes. Finally he coughs some money up for the repair, and beyond that, little we could do as advised by our lawyer.

Then the dishwasher stops working, we had to throw away the non-working microwave, the fridge leaks and the stove burns everything. According to the lawyer, we should have checked all items before closing. How the hell could I? Everything worked just enough that it seemed ok. It wasn't until y ou actually tried to do something that all hell broke loose.

So my father and Kevin fixed the fridge, we had the repair guy fix the washer and dryer, and attempt to fix the stove. Haven't fixed the dishwasher. and likely won't. Either we'll never use it, or I'll replace it. However, I don't know how to replace it since it's bolted into the counter top, and I can't figure out how to move it without destroying the counter...

So I guess the moral of the story is to never trust anyone, not even a realtor. After all this, we start talking to people about the asswipe we bought this place from (there are other things...) and everyone gives this look, and basically says they don't want to tell stories, but they could...

I'm waiting for the bodies to start coming up through the pool....

pool!! that would be enough for me ;p

pool AND a HUGE deck....it's actually quite beautiful in the summer, since it's a bunch of woods behind us, tons of birds & wildlife...most of the house is crappy...my husband has a hard on for pools so....

now if it would just stop RAINING so we could use it...

It's sad when getting a new stove is excitement. Trust me, I got one last year.

what's REALLY sad is how much I want this one particular washer/dryer set-you know, the super expensive front loaders...OOH! or this new fridge-has a bottom freezer, but double door fridge..
wow. TO think it used to take a new guitar to excite me...

I made cheesy scalloped potatoes for dinner, like my Mom used to make..They ROCKED!

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