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I'm surfing at Blogexplosion at the moment, and I swear to whatever gods y'all believe in, if I read ONE more review/whine/bitch/orgasm about this movie, I'M going to hurt myself in a lightsaber duel like the OTHER story I'm SICK TO DEATH of reading.

The movie isn't going to meet the hype. Period. Nothing ever does.

However, the frequent notations of the "viagra causes blindness" are causing me no end of amusement, for obvious reasons. Watching that Daryn chick on CNN try to keep a straight face while the connection was made in her brain was PRICELESS!

Twas rubbish indeed.

I'm also thrilled by the viagra storiesm, and am stunned that I haven't read more about it. I'm definately cutting down on the stuff. Although I'm not looking forward to going back to a lolly stick with an elastic band, but if my eyesite is at risk...

I always thought that "stop or you'll go blind" thing was an old wives' tale...I guess not.

since I seem to hear about a large percentage of men who otherwise shouldn't be doing anything resembling breeding taking the drug, it all makes sense...

gotta keep the gene pool clean somehow, wot?

and herge, I'm sure I could order something for you that's a little safer than your current lolly/elastic set up..

just a thought

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