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File under "nothing better to do"?

This perfectly illustrates why I'm an atheist

Aren't there more important things to fight, like world hunger, sexual abuse, poverty? Yet they need to attack people for what they do in the bedroom? They believe this is a part of a religion claiming to be loving and peaceful? I will never understand how hatred and bigotry fits in to that...

I wonder what one would find if we looked into their lives?

I am an atheist. Yet I strive to live a very moral life, to raise my children to respect others, to be tolerant and understanding, to just try to be happy, and make others happy. Why is it that 90% of the time, when I meet or see or read about "religious" people, they live a life I would ascribe to a demon?


I was reading the same thing this morning! I think people should boycott Ford too.....................................
Well, exept for the new mustang maybe, but all the rest are shitty. My opinion. Ummm, hope you don't own a Ford??
More on the "religion" thing later, I got a crabby office manager paging me! Bwahahaha!

we don't own a car even, which makes people around here look at me like I'm crazy...

No car? Lucky you. Cars are a pain in the ass. I'm sick of traffic so much, that I'm going to build a blimp! Yes!(Semi-evil blimp) Mrs. Megabrad is saying "Noooo, noooo! You'll run into the power lines and fry for sure!" Well, what does she know about semi-evil blimp flying anyway? Looks easy enough to me. Besides, what kind of evil scientist DOESN'T have a "quick getaway" arial vehicle?
ps. I'm shit canning what I was gonna say about religion. On religious grounds. Bwahahaha!!!!

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