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Ah work....

You know, I think I do less work at work than at home. Of course, creating and publishing reports isn't exacting by any means. Especially when the reports are currently stating-gee, you SUCKED last month guys....

I hate starting back to work after a leave. You don't know who's "in". (Come on-just like high school, work has an incrowd) You don't know what ANY of the acronyms means. You have no idea if the latest roll out works. You have new clients you've never heard of, so even any offer of "money for going on the phones again" you can't take up. There are TONS of new hires who you don't know, and don't care to.

But at the same time, NOTHING changes. The BS remains the same. The buck passing. The CRAP.

If you haven't worked in a call centre, you won't know exactly what I mean. ESPECIALLY if you work in a department that is 95% female. It's all the things about high school I avoided. Only now, I'm stuck in the middle, and can't get out. It's whining, bitching, moaning. So and so can't sit next to me, we aren't talking, she's mean, she's ugly...

and the creepy diet people.....they SCARE me. Not the ones who jut eat right, and slowly the weight comes off. Impressive, but not creepy.

No, I think of the ones who only talk about food. Food they can eat. Food they can't eat. Food they can make. Food they used to eat.

Gods I hate this place.

Yeah, I was thinking about your comments something along the lines of "staying at home sucks but it rocks." Anyway, why can't there be a happy medium?


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