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Holy variety Batman!

It was really cool to see what some of you like as a favorite song, those of you who didn't cop out at least...
  • Adore by Prince: Never heard it, but I love the little guy. I love him even more for the story Kevin Smith tells about him.
  • Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin. Ugh-school dances. But I do love "Thank You" by them, especially the cover Tori Amos did of it.
  • Looks like rain by The Dead-never heard it. If you're referring to the Grateful Dead, I'm sorry-I can't stand them. Memories of an icky boyfriend, and I was never able to smoke enough pot to make it tolerable.
  • Joga by Bjork: I haven't listened to any of her stuff lately, and I tend to prefer the Sugarcubes era. She does have an incredible voice though. I always liked "The Anchor Song" myself
  • Dress by PJ Harvey: How to choose a PJ Song! I LOVE C'Mon Billy, cause it's fun to sing, but I'm hard pressed to NOT like a song by her. I guess my favorite of hers is off Rid Of Me, but I cannot remember the name of it. It's a guy's name....erg HERGE!!
  • Driving with the Brakes On by Del Amitri: Never listened to anything by them actually.
  • Mean Street by Van Halen: I personally love the David Lee Roth era, and my favorite song would be "Hot for Teacher. which incidentally, was in my head ALL NIGHT LONG. Which is better than the Elmo song I suppose....

I just find it really interesting that such different songs have such an effect on people. My husband, who is a musician-go listen!-doesn't write music based on emotion, but based on effect. His favorite music is liked because of it's complexity, while for me, I need it to generate an emotional response, good or bad. What's REALLY ironic about that is some of his music generates a massive amount of emotion from me. That leads into an entirely different tangent.

I'll post a new question today. I'm trying to tie some ideas together, and this is adding a new dimension to it.

And hey, it isn't a MEME, and I'm truly interested in your answers!

HAPPY THURSDAY! It's absolutely freaking lovely here today...I HOPE my car pool leaves early!

I am impressed that anyone can pick just one favorite. It would take me a week to narrow it down to 10. :)


Is that the one ma'am?

She is great, saw her live twice last year, once supporting Morrissey!!

So great, very tiny in real life, but quite sexy.

Did you ever see the duet she did with Bjork for some Brit Awards - was about - ohhh 10 years ago, they did the stones' Satisfaction. I loved it.

YURi-G! That is IT! Thank you-I was about to go rip apart a few boxes, since we keep moving and not unpacking the LARGE amount of music we own..

didn't see that duet, but I want to get the desert sessions she did with Josh Homme....yum...

I'd love to see her live, but Morissey bugs my organs

and OMFG-it's SHE-RA! WOO HOO!

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