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..but Canada gets blamed for bad borders

I'm CONSTANTLY hearing about how crappy our borders are, which I'm sure they are to a degree, but come on, look at it! THIS guy gets through US CUSTOMS with a BLOODY CHAINSAW, and no one blinks..but us Damn canadians, we're Satan...

"Nobody asked us to detain him," Anthony (Bill Anthony, a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection) said. "Being bizarre is not a reason to keep somebody out of this country or lock them up. ... We are governed by laws and regulations, and he did not violate any regulations."

ummmmm.........................I believe that Mr. Anthony perhaps smokes crack. Bizarre is wearing a thong made of live ferrets. Wielding chainsaws with blood OR red paint should likely be looked into....

for the 34,405 time, I"M GLAD I'M NOT AMERICAN!

Thing is though, if the Canadian border guards stopped bizarre people from crossing the border that would pretty much cover 99.9% of Americans.

mind you, I get the feeling the majority of Canadians would be happy about that.

Yeah, maybe they would not let ME across then. A bad thing???

I WISH we could keep them out...I work for an american company, which means the odd trip down south...y'all are PARANOID down there...

and weird. And country with more than 2 varieties of pork rinds is just plain wrong.

Hey! are you making fun of MY country??? What the??? I was sure it always worked the other way around!! Hahaha!!

Hey, You might find this interesting. I could hardly believe this. It's under the heading "D _ Day", in this blog;


i read that megabrad-that's insane, but not surprising. When I travel for work, I feel like they think I'm a criminal....I always say I'm going for "meetings" so they don't worry if they hear the words "training" or "work"

turns out your guys was wanted afterall!!

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