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When is it yours?

So, when exactly does your body, and how it's treated, become your responsibility? In this article, a 12 year old girl is being taken from her parents since they're refusing radiation treatment for her cancer. She states "no one has asked me what I want, and it's my body."

Does that even matter? Is it a different story since the parents are religous?

I've seen what chemo and radiation does to a person. If my child, at any age, looked at me and said she didn't want to do it, I'd honor that request. It IS her body, and her life.

What right does the state have to dictate how I care for my child in the face of a disease like cancer? What right does the state have to take a child and force treatment on them?

I've been hearing of stories like these a lot, and they upset me. It's ultimately a parents job, and the child's right, to decide what they want. It's bad enough the poor thing has cancer-so let's take her away from her parents, and force her to take painful treatments that might not even help.

Any thoughts?

Religion aside. It would depend on the curability of the cancer. I would have to save my child. Selfish maybe but you only get one chance at this life and I'd feel obligated to give that chance to my child. who would hopefully live to be thankful at a later date.

Have you read "My Sister's Keeper"? It is a very good book and deals with some of these issues...

Well, apparently "Noone" has asked her what she wants, so I would assume her parents didn't ask her either. Not that two wrongs make a right. Does anyone know what the girl wants?

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