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The dog and bunny show

Sometimes, cartoons are funny.

The dorf and I were watching some kids cartoon yesterday, to give Vivian a break from playing and doing other destructive toddlerish things. And we're sitting there, in that sleep deprived blank state, sorta talking to eachother. I think it might have been this cartoon called Farzell's World or something.

Anyway, in the cartoon, the kid is driving this train. Which is cool, cause Vivian is going though a "Trains rock!" kinda phase. The a doggie get placed in one of the train cars. The dog is standing on all fours (this is important). The the kid places a bunny behind the dog. Directly behind the dog's bum. Use your imagination kiddies.

Oh, it gets better.

The train begins to move, and the bunny begins to rock back and forth, making it seem that the bunny is THRUSTING it's pelvis at the doggie.

At this point the Dorf and I were basically in tears laughing so hard, with Vivian looking at us with the "Crazy bastards" kinda look.

Now, it wasn't just that it looked like the bunny was making the doggie take it like a man, but that ADULTS animate this, and there is NO way they would have missed this. Having the bunny behind the dog was funny enough, but could have been missed. There were like 5 LONG shorts of the "bunny in the act".

Just thinking about it is cracking me up...."take it doggie..."

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