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I knew by the clock on the stove..

you were no longer mine alone.

So I tell the Dorf I had vivid dreams last night, likely due to a combination of Ritalin and finally sleeping through the night again.

"'Bout what?"
"You don't want to know-really. You won't like it."
"Come on."
"Fine." I pause, dramtically on purpose, since he can't tell a story without said pauses.
"I dreamed I was screwing around on you. And didn't care." (actually, I didn't add that-who wants a 3 hour argument on a Saturday night?)
"Did you know him?"

silence decends upon the kitchen.

"oh well. I dream about fucking other people all the time."

thanks dear...

LOL. I like reading about your relationship with the Dorf because it's kind of messed up and imperfect. Sorta like mine. I don't have everything figured out and it's nice to feel like I have company.

Okay...now about that dream... in MORE DETAIL...


The dream was more focused on that electric feeling you get with a new partner the first time-how every touch is on fire and magnetic, how the way you look at each other is this almost creature that could walk...

no dirty pictures for you Herge...although the guy in this dream was a FANTASTIC kisser...and very VERY male....

I'll let you ponder that thought..

I can't beleive he said that. lol
He's so unusual.

unusual is the LEAST of the adjectives I could use...

and Karen, everytime I think I've figured it out, he does something even MORE retarded, that makes me SOOOO glad my kids do NOT possess a penis!

I'm curious: knowing what you know now, if you could do it all over again, would you marry him?

Hahaha! The Dorf cracks me up! I listened to his music from that link you posted. That's some trippy stuff!

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